Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hillside Creepers

Today was the second monthly meeting of the Hillside Creepers at the Bell Tavern.
Our attempts to start a crafting and Zine group in the area are progressing although after the drama of a near brawl with some drunken idiots we have decided to move the less central but more salubrious Burrinja Arts Centre.

Today apart from Scott and myself there was Tonia (our friend from Brisbane who is visiting at the moment), Meng, Paula, and Karen.

This is Paula doing some needle felting on a jumper.

Karen was cutting out skulls and crossbones for later applique.

I worked on Sije Sophie's birthday present which I have now finished.  This is a crappy picture but it is late and I cannot be bothered fighting with the lighting, it is a hand quilted silk scabbard for her butterfly swords.

Hopefully we will have enough stuff to get an edition of the Hillside Creeper zine out soon.