Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Launch

This was always intended to be a crafty kind of blog but to be honest I have not managed to finish anything from my long list of projects since I started it.

As a slight excuse I am late home tonight because I just got back from the launch of the Meet Me At Mike's book where I met its author the fabulous Pip for the first time.

If you have not read her blog you should have a look  - Pip has boundless energy and a fantastic sense of community.  Her book is full of cute projects and lots of sage advice.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Small Things

True happiness comes in the smallest of increments, like the bliss of a dog allowed up on the couch, or the smell of rain.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Story of Lucy Bad Dog

Although this is intended to be primarily a craft focused blog I thought I would start with the story of its namesake.

Lucy was of indeterminate breed, her mother was ostensibly a ridgeback and her father was also a dog. We got her from the pound at six months and she was with us for another thirteen years. During that time she never slowed down - not even for a day.

We used to joke that she thought her name was Lucy Bad Dog because she was always being told off. She was crazy dominant and used to cock her leg on things when she went for a walk. She also had a mania about little dogs, she would pounce on them and pin them down without the least provocation. She never bit or even growled at them but she would not let them go no matter how much they or their owners freaked out, as a result she did not get to go off lead at the park very often. Lucy was often her own worst enemy, she wanted to be the alpha female in our house so every time I was too nice to her she would start peeing in the lounge.

All this makes her sound like a pain but she was such a sweetheart. Anything little and fluffy she loved to death, she used to lick our bunny until he was soggy and very pissed off. She adored the rats and was more upset than we were when they died. Once she found a sick bird in the yard and gently carried in to us in her mouth. Whenever you were sick in bed she would snuggle up tight and never leave your side. She was never aggressive to anyone and she had the most beautiful golden eyes like a lion.

We miss you Lucy.