Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday Electricity Frenzy

Electricity is my enemy this week - no lights in the studio. When the electrician finally came round to put in the halogens we we told that apparently all our wiring is stuffed and we need to redo the whole house - very expensive. So now I have no lights at all in the studio and no idea when we will be able to afford to fix them. We still need to get a second opinion, I am hoping they will say only that room needs to be done not the whole house - everything else still works just fine for now.

Only two new monsters this week, mostly because they were a little more involved than usual.

This is the first crochet monster that I have made for ages. The Ubel Ferkel is an evil piglet, he has bat wings, black beady eyes and an adorable fat tummy.

Ubel Ferkel

The Sunekosuri for this week is a triffidy kind of creature, the first sock monster I have done with wired pieces. It took a lot more work than usual but I am very pleased with the way it has come out, I plan to do a series in different colours.


I have been very focussed on production for the market stall for the last 6 months and have let the Etsy store slide completely. I think I am finally getting on top of things now and will hopefully have time to start making pieces for Etsy again.

I also bit the bullet and sent off a submission for the Plush You exhibition in Seattle, I find it a bit scary taking the plunge and trying to get my stuff out there and am very good at procrastinating this sort of thing. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday Monster Frenzy

Hopefully I finally have an electrician coming to fix the lights in my studio on Monday so I should be able to post some decent photos, in the meantime here are some not so good ones.

Studio 1

These are the shelves all painted and full of my various projects and stashes, I still need sort things out a bit though. Down the bottom you can see my wonderfully kitsch tiger skin latch hook rug that I have been working on this week.

Studio 2

My bookshelves, yarn stash and some of our toys, because the ceilings are so high I still have heaps of room to hang pictures. Scott has given me some nice folios of prints over the years so I have dug them out to try and choose which ones to frame.

Now on to this week's monsters.

Gelf 1

Gelf 2

Not sure if this one is going on the stall I might keep him for myself, something about his fat bum, little tail and general air of belligerence appeals to me.

Spotty Two Head 2

Spotty Two Head 1

A spotty two header who always knows where it is going.

Next week I should have finished my first crochet monster for ages, an new Ubel Ferkel a fair bit bigger than any I have made before.

I also bought a marquee for the market stall, winter up here can be very wet and cold and I don't think Karan and my market umbrellas will be quite up to the challenge.

Friday, April 2, 2010

More Shelf Frenzy

I am running a bit behind this week work has been a little crazy and I am worn out.

Last weekend I did the undercoating.


And did three coats of red on the top shelf.

Top Shelf

During the week I made chicken burgers and super freakily both the eggs I picked were double yolkers. That is just weird, one is rare enough but two together is spooky.

Double Yolkers

Anyway today I did two coats on the rest of the shelves today, I think it is starting to look rather nice and I cannot wait to pack them full of all my crafty hoardings.

Two Coats

They are going to need at least another coat maybe two to get rid of the streaks.

I almost forgot - we went to see Gogol Bordello on Tuesday night, they were fantastic, brilliant anarchistic, joyous, and full of gypsy punkitude. If you ever get to see them play live do not miss it.