The Sinister Entanglements of Tehc'Orc

Miskatonic University is pleased to present The Sinister Entanglements of Tehc’Orc, whose atrocious exhibits were recently rediscovered stored deep in the University vaults.
An expedition led by Professor Lucien Snailwhisker in 1927 to the mythical lost city of Tehc’Orc returned with many of the exhibited artefacts, others believed to be related have been collated from other collections in the University. 

Little is known about the ancient civilization of Tehc’Orc, although some details of their curious theology remain.  It is understood that the denizens of Tehc’Orc believed all matter in the universe to be constructed from knots in its fundamental fabric.  No trace of written records have ever been found and it is widely believed that the histories of Tehc'Orc took the form of knotted fibres.

The artefacts recovered in 1927 appear to correspond to a number of creatures from different mythologies.  Researchers at the time hypothesised that the figures recovered may in fact be a complex form of record and work was begun decoding them.  However a number of mysterious deaths amongst the research staff led to the project being abandoned and the artefacts relegated to storage.

Leading lights in Miskatonic’s Physics Department have theorised that the denizens of Tehc’Orc may have discovered the fundamentals of string theory well before modern science.  A joint expedition is currently proposed with Miskatonic’s Anthropology Department to try and relocate the lost city as unfortunately most of the expedition records have been lost or destroyed and the exact location of Tehc’Orc is unknown.

Ithaqua 1

Recovered from Tehc’Orc on 1927 expedition

One of the Great Old Ones whose domain includes most of the northern regions of Earth.  Believed to be the source of the Wendigo myth Ithaqua walks through the air as if on solid ground.  Although he was more widely feared than worshiped his cult practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism which was believed to grant them he ability to withstand extreme cold and in some cases transformative powers.

Gug 1

Recovered from Tehc’Orc on 1927 expedition

Natives of the Dreamlands, Gugs live in a tremendous stone city near the vaults of Zin.  The Gugs once liven on the surface of the Earth where their great monoliths still remain.  However they were banished from the surface by the Great Ones for their blasphemous practices.

Gol Goroth 4

Recovered from Tehc’Orc on 1927 expedition

God of darkness who is said to dwell under the mountain Antarktos somewhere near the South Pole.

Shoggoth 5

Recovered from Tehc’Orc on 1927 expedition

Entities created as servitors by the Elder Things billions of years ago.  After millions of years serving their makers the shoggoth’s rebelled during the Permian period.  Though initially successful, the Elder Things suppressed the rebellion.  It was believed that when the Elder Things departed Antarctica for their last underwater city they took their shoggoths with them.  There have however been rumoured sightings in Antarctica and more rarely in temperate zones.

Cthulhu 8

Recovered from Tehc’Orc on 1927 expedition

Great Old One who descended from the stars and once inhabited a continent in the Pacific Ocean where he and his spawn built the great stone city of R’lyeh.  For millions of years Cthulhu ruled the earth while humanity slowly evolved.  Cthulhu spoke to these new beings telepathically and in their dreams telling them where to find the statues in his image he brought down from the stars and instructing them in the proper forms of worship. Thus was the cult of Cthulhu born.  One day disaster struck R’lyeh and the continent sank beneath the Pacific Ocean trapping Cthulhu and all of his spawn.  The water blocked most of the telepathic signals, and they were only able to communicate with their worshippers through dreams.  They fell asleep, but they could not die.  Cthulhu waits for the time the stars are aligned and they can be freed from their prison to rain destruction upon the world again.