Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Little Holiday

I know it is kind of sad to reach my age without ever going overseas before, but we just had our first holiday away together in years and my first trip overseas. Not terribly adventurous, only New Zealand but it is a start. It was also the first time we have both been away from the dogs, but thanks to some magnificent house sitting by Wendy and Bevan (thanks so much guys) it all went well.

The first three days were in Auckland where Scott was attending a conference. He usually seems to end up staying in horrible places but this time the organisers recommended some nice apartments. We were up on the hill with a fabulous view of the bay.

Auckland 2

Auckland 1

We were at the top of K'Road which is arty and funky like the Windsor end of Chapel Street when in was cool. We found a cool lowbrow gallery called Rebel Yell where I met Polly Zee who makes totally cool monsters. You can see more of her work here (I so want the Two Face toy), I could not resist bringing Cyril & Cecil home.

Cyril & Cecil Front

Cyril & Cecil Back

Scott wagged the second day of the conference and we went to the Zoo and saw lots of cool animals.


A Galapagos Tortoise enjoying the morning sunshine.

Spider Monkey

A Spider Monkey. The Zoo has a quite a large population 0n an island and they were playing like crazy in the trees jumping and wrestling and swinging off each other. A bit hard to get pictures as the sun was in the wrong direction and they are very fast.

Golden Lion Tamarin 2

Golden Lion Tamarins are my favourite monkeys ever they are so tiny and have such wicked little faces. You can never get good pictures at the Melbourne Zoo because they are always behind mesh.

Cotton Top Tamarin

Cotton Top Tamarin.

Orang Utan

A baby Orang Utan.


An insolent Lemur, although lets face it they're pretty belligerent.

Tiger 1

For once the tiger was not sleeping up the back and had quite a boisterous play session with the super heavy duty cat toy hanging in the enclosure.


A beautiful elephant (I love elephants) we want to go back because they have a close encounter scheme where you can pay lots of money (which goes to elephant conservation) to help wash the elephants - how cool.


Rhinos are so adorable when they play, they get all prancy and gambol around - there is something about an animal of that size bouncing around all perky (Corto is bit the same).

Anyway that was Auckland, next time bits and pieces from the rest of the trip and some knitting projects finished.