Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Things

Nothing finished since the exhibition went up, I have been madly nesting postponed knitting projects over the last couple of weeks and now have about 6 on the go at once. The exhibition has been going well, I have had lots of positive feedback and even made the front page of the local newspaper.

I had a birthday along the way and scored some lovely things. Mum made me a mosaic house number, which she and Greg installed when they visited for the exhibition opening. It is beautiful, although you can't really see the details in this picture.

House Number

Greg came home with this fabulous metal mermaid who has made a home in the garden.


Scott found this amazing Victorian watch fob, apparently you clip it to your pocket and attach a little upside down watch to the chain (like a nurses watch). It is hard to see the detail here but it has a little goblin like bulldog face on it.


Until I make myself a steampunk waistcoat with a fob pocket it is living on my hat.


Tonia gave me an original zombie picture which I love, she also bought be a completely cool bear plate but I forgot to take a picture so it will have to come later.


Plus on Saturday we were in the Silver Compaq (the coolest second hand shop ever) and we found this:

Picnic 1

Looks kind of ordinary but wait till you see inside:

Picnic 2

The most fabulous 1960's Italian picnic set ever (it even still has the stickers on the base of the glasses). Of course picnic weather is still a way off but we were unable to resist its modren (as Norbert would say) fabulousness.

I promise by next week I will have finished something - the Wool Leaves rug is drying from blocking as I type so that should be done for sure.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Stars Have Aligned

It finally happened, the stars aligned the terrible Cthulhu arose and the exhibition opened on Friday night. Foolishly I did not take a picture of the finished Cthuhu before we set up on Wednesday but mum sent me her pictures from the opening night.

If you came along and are reading this thank you so much for all your support, enthusiasm and well wishes. I was so nervous about the whole thing but everyone has been fantastic.

Super extra special thanks have to go to Scott who started the whole mess by asking for an Innsmouth Golliwog, plus he puts up with my obsessive crocheting and always takes brilliant and thoughtful care of me.