Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Zombie

The evening is golden, the black cockatoos are back in the valley and their eerie cry lends a mournful air to proceedings.

I am siting on the couch watching the light change on the mountain zombified after a big week at work, Scott has gone down to the Chippie to get dinner as I am too buggered to cook.

We will eat chips and watch Charlie Brooker and then Fantastic Mr Fox while the dogs look on hopefully and scavenge for crumbs.

My forearms are aching from bashing a star picket into the ground by the front steps. The purpose of this picket is to stabilise the sculpture we bought last weekend from local sculptor and all around gorgeous person Jenny Rowe.

Here she is keeping guard over our front steps:

Blue Spirit 3

Blue Spirit 2

Blue Spirit 1

Our acquisition of this artwork it was funded by my Mum as a thank you for the cardigan I knitted for her. I think I said I would post a picture of it ages ago but never got round to it, this is not the best image but here you go:

Cardigan 2

Cardigan 1

I continue to work on the shawl for my Nonna and should have it finished in time for her birthday at the end of March.

Anyway dinner has arrived and the warm chip smell is making my mouth water, better tuck in before they go all soggy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Again Frenzy

I have been slack, well slack about posting stuff at any rate, otherwise quite busy.

Scott has had his birthday a big one with an "0" in it, we had a party with lots of wonderful people. You can see the present I got him here, there are 10 pictures in total around A4 size. They look nicer in reality I think they were scanned for the website which makes them look a bit harsher. Had to have a big picture hanging rearrangement to fit them in but they look great.

I have been helping with the Melbourne Satellite Reef project by making a a Blog which you can see here. I have also bee crocheting coral and making flyers and generally helping out.

I am knitting a shawl for my Nonna who is in hospital at the moment.

I am also trying to finish some UFOs and tidy up my study.

I have no pictures because my Flickr account has gone haywire and I can't get in to upload anything. It is a frustrating process it looks like I've been hacked and someone has changed my details so Yahoo just keep telling me the details I am giving them do not match my account - duh I know that that's why I can't get in. Not sure how long this is going to take to resolve.