Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Finishing Frenzy

Last week was a bit crappy things happened that made us both sad and mad (although luckily not with each other), however the universe made it up to us in its chaotic random fashion with a particularly lovely weekend.

We went out to Credo in Olinda on Friday night and had a truly delicious dinner, we went and saw Jerico and Sydonia at the East Brunswick club on Saturday night and had a fantastic time, the weather has been cool and he dogs have been snugly. Plus I finished two monsters for the exhibition.

For starters here are a couple of photos of Ithaqua after the surgery to insert armature.

Ithaqua 1

Notice he is standing on his own now, although I was holding my breath he is still tricky to balance even if his head no longer lolls.

Ithaqua 2

After a two week delay while I waited for the eyes to arrive Gol Goroth is finally finished.

Gol Goroth 4

I am still trying to figure out how to display it, I have added a hanging point at the top of the head which seems to help but not sure how to implement it at the exhibition. Scott had the brilliant idea of putting it in a cage, so I am on the look out for one of those old fashioned wire dome ones with the idea that we can tear holes for the wigs like it has been trying to escape.

Gol Goroth 1

The original plan was that it would be self supporting but with only one leg it tends to twist too much. Plus I did the leg on a separate piece of armature connected to one that runs from the head to the tail and it wobbles a lot - next time I will run the support from the foot to the head and join the tail separately.

Gol Goroth 3

I am looking forward to perfecting the bird design, I think my next big project once this one is done will be a series of bird creatures.

Gol Goroth 2

I have also just finished the Gug or Old Gug as Scott keeps calling him (cos he has a mangina - you were right Tonia he is incorrigible) .

Gug 5

His armature is much more stable - I am getting better as I go.

Gug 4

I was hoping to pose him kind on on all fours using his second forearms support himself but he tends to just look like he has accidentally toppled over.

Gug 3

I sewed his teeth in individually this time instead of running a wire through the loops like I did with Ithaqua, they seem to sit much better this way.

Gug 2

Old Gug wants your Baileys.