Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Gol Goroth Frenzy

It has been a busy month, I have done three markets and there have been more sunekosuri:


This guy has the cutest round orange bum you have ever seen.

There have been more sleepy kitties:

Sleepy Kitties

A new egg on toast purse, and a new slice of apple purse but I forgot to take a photo before I sold it.

Egg on Toast Purse

There were origami stars:

Red Star

For Christmas there was raspberry cheesecake:

Cheese Cake


I knitted Scott a beanie with a brilliant pattern that came from here.

Koolhaas Hat

You would think being in Australia and thus summer that it would be too warm for beanies but we are so far having beautifully cool weather.

Ithaqua also got gutted and then reassembled with aluminium armature so his head no longer lolls and his legs don't bow. The exhibition has now been confirmed for May so I need to keep moving. Over the last couple days I have started on Gol Goroth, a large bird with one leg and one eye.



Today I made sour cherry pie, it looks super yummy but still too hot to eat just yet.

Sour Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

I love sour things and Scott hates them but one thing we agree on is that sour cherry pie is the best.