Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Llama Frenzy

Spring has sprung and with the wet winter we have had the citrus trees are going crazy.

My Seville Orange is fruiting for the first time.

Seville Orange Tree

Still a small tree so not quite enough for marmalade but looking good.

Seville Oranges

The lime tree has also produced its first fruit.

Lime Tree

The lemon tree is also producing heaps of fruit including this fabulous mutant.

Mutant Lemon

I had my first go at mitred knitting and made Scott some gauntlets.  It is really fun to do but a little tricky to get the finish up to standard.

Gauntlets 2

I think they look kind of like something Link from Zelda would wear.

Gauntlets 1

One of Scott's co-workers has been ordering purses from me so I have made another veggie burger purse.

Veggie Burger Purse 2

Veggie Burger Purse 1

And another apple slice purse, unfortunately I did not get a photo of the first one I made before I sold it

Apple Purse 2

The worm was a special request.

Apple Purse 1

I really like the colours in the red yarn.

Apple Purse 3

I have been hard at work making market stock and have now made enough components to offer custom sandwich purses.  I have made centers with the purse frames of cheese, bacon, tofu and burger.  People can then choose from white or brown bread and add other things like tomato, lettuce, beetroot, cucumber and cheese.  I sew them all together in a few minutes and voila your very own sandwich purse.  I will try and get a picture of them all laid out nicely at the next market.

This month's market went surprisingly well considering it was so windy I had to pin all my stock onto the table to stop it from blowing away.  I have to get really busy, Christmas is not that far away and I need to make as much stock as I can.

We had a great day today.  Scott and Jenny and I went to Croydon to the Farmer's Market and the new Art Attack market that has started up.  It was a bit windy, wet and miserable but it was good to hang out.  afterwards we went back to Jenny's for tea and to collect this beautiful item.

Llama by Jenny Rowe 1

Scott had been admiring Jenny's blue eyed llama sculpture every time we went over, so when we were visiting at the last Open Studio I told Jenny I wanted to buy it for him.  Unfortunately (or fortunately as it turned out) Jenny's husband David sold the original sculpture later that day - he did not know I had intended to buy it.  Anyway it turned out for the best because Jenny made this one especially for Scott, and there is nothing like having a talented artist make something just for you.

Llama by Jenny Rowe 2

I love Jenny's work there is just something about her faces that is magic (she did the blue guardian sprit that I have posted about before).

Llama by Jenny Rowe 3