Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Shoggoth Frenzy

Yay, four out of five big monsters are now finished for the exhibition, last one is the big crouching Cthulhu for which I have had some ambitious ideas that I hope I can pull off in the time left.

Monster number four is the Shoggoth, particularly amorphous in its written descriptions (other than driving sane men mad as is par for the course with Lovecraft beasties). My interpretation has 13 eyes on stalks and 13 eye/maw thingies and is otherwise kind of slug like. I think it is kind if sweet and cuddly.

Shoggoth 1

Shoggoth 2

Shoggoth 4

Here are this weeks sock creatures:

Antler 3

Antler 1

The antlers were a bit of an experiment but I think they came out well.

Hominid 2

Hominid 1

Kitty 1

Kitty 2

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Shelf Frenzy

How amazingly beautiful is this. There are lots more pictures here.

I have wanted to see lava for real ever since I was little, maybe one day.

Some new sock monsters for the market - mostly gone now as I had quite a good day on Saturday.

Quadraped 2

Quadraped 1

Hominid 3

Hominid 1

No new monsters but I made a shelf for Ithaqua which hopefully will work for the exhibition.

Ithaqua Shelf

Ithaqua Shelf Detail