Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Knitting Frenzy

Managed to get a bit behind and miss last week's post, I did not get it together to take all my photos in time. Although I love winter the major drawback is that it is dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home so I can really only take photos on the weekend.

Market last weekend was quiet for me but good for Karan, the marquee worked well and the weather was lovely. We have half the stall each, Karan with her pirate clothes and tatter hats and me with my monsters, stars and some purses that my buddy Andrea made.

Market 2

Market 1

My first monster for the week almost got thrown away several times, it was an attempt to refine the eye stalk design for the purple star monster from last week which did not work out how I had planned. On the bright side it gave me the idea for the fish body design that I used for the next sunekosuri and even though I think it is a bit wonky someone will come along who
has a place for it - it has happened before.

Fish Thing 2

Fish Thing 1

The result of the last wonky monster is my first fish monster, still needs some refining but I think it has some potential.

Fat Fish 2

Fat Fish 1

Plus I finished another triffid.

Triffid 2

Triffid 1

You may remember some time in March I was being optimistic about finishing the shawl I was knitting for my Nonna by her birthday on the 30th - turns out I was a bit cocky. I hit the lace portion and slowed right down, plus work went a bit mental and I was too tired to work on it at night - I kept making mistakes and undoing them was taking so long. Anyway after letting it slide for the last month or so I am back knitting again and determined to finish it as soon as I can.

Last but not least a message for my mum, I lost track of the time and left it too late to call but when you get it together to check this you will know that I was thinking of you.

I know if it was not for you I would probably have missed out on this wonderful crazy making things obsession of mine. I see my hands large and strong with thick fingers and yet capable of such delicate work, just like your hands and Nonna's hands before you. Hands that held me and comforted me and showed me how to sew and knit and crochet and embroider. When I see my hands working I feel such a strong connection to you, it keeps you in my heart always.