Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Rain Frenzy

Not a very successful market this weekend with gale force winds and driving rain. We set up and it just got windier and wetter, things were getting blown off the table, and the marquee started to lift off so we packed up and went home again - a fair bit wetter and muddier than we left.

It was supposed to be the debut of the sleepy kitties but I guess they will have to wait till next month. The grey one from my last post has already made its way to the US, the lovely Karla at Isty Bitsy Spider has given her a home.

The succulent that Greg gave us as a housewarming present has gone crazy this winter even though it barely grew at all for the first year.

Succulent 2

It looks about ready to flower.

Succulent 1

Mr Peeps came back today asking for afternoon tea, he and his lady friend have not been to visit for ages. I think there must be plenty of food around in winter so they don't show up looking for munchies very often.

Mr Peeps

They are so bright and pretty, we watch them from the lounge widow. Mr Peeps (so called because he sits on the veranda rail and chirps till we bring food) always comes down first and checks that everything is safe before his partner joins him.

The craftiness has slowed down a bit lately, the stall is fully stocked and I have been tired. I am halfway through a big perler monster (just need to order more dark green).


I am thinking of using him as a table top, we have a set of nesting coffee tables from Ikea and they have become very chipped and the paint is bubbling. I had originally thought of re-doing the table tops with mosaic but a chance remark by Scott when we were wandering round the hardware store today got me going. What if we put the perler monsters on the tables, add some edge beading and then set them in resin? Still needs some thought and maybe experimentation but I'm thinking it might work. Stay tuned for updates.

I have been either reading or sleeping on the train lately which is where I usually tend to get a lot of my making done. I need to find a good portable project and get organised.