Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Shelf Frenzy

My completely excellent neighbour, train buddy and all round great guy Graham has been building me some shelves in my soon to be studio.

Saturday was a mightily busy day Phase 1 involved a trip to the hardware for wood and screws and glue and stuff.

Phase 2 was the demolition of the existing crappy cupboard leaving a great big hole in the ceiling and lots of mess on the walls.

Phase 2

Phase 3 was closing off the hole and putting in the posts to hold the whole lot up, the big posts are cyprus and have most beautiful grain.

Phase 3

Phase 4 was the shelf supports.

Phase 4

And finally Phase 5 the shelves.

Phase 5

Plus of course the building inspector had to approve everything.


I still have to fill and sand and paint everything but I am very excited I have never had his much storage space all for my stuff before.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Storm Frenzy

Hey I know its Monday not Sunday and the big storm was on Saturday but bear with me please.

Work has been crazy busy this last week with meetings lasting till after 9 at night so I have been kind of drifting through this long weekend in a bit of a haze.

Other than that the shawl for my Nonna is progressing well, I cannot knit on the train anymore as the pattern has become a bit too complicated so it had been relegated to evenings in front of the TV. I did not get much work done last week, being way too tired and not wanting to have to un-knit all the mistakes I would make. I remain hopeful that I will have it done before her birthday on the 30th.

Back at Kallista Market on Saturday (luckily over well before the storm hit) both Karen and I had a great day although I now only have 6 Sunekosuri left and will have to get sewing before the next one. We have prepaid for the next 6 months so come and see us if you can, on the first Saturday of each month.

I have begun working to transform my disarranged study into a proper studio workspace. Our fabulous neighbour Graham is building me some shelves so that I can finally rip out the crappy built in wardrobe and organise my stuff properly. Once that is done and I get some decent lighting it is going to be great.

Last night we went to see Men Who Stare At Goats, we had both read the book which is non-fiction and kind of investigative journalism and were very curious as to how they would turn it into a narrative. They did a fantastic job it was hilarious, the casting was brilliant, and the politics were spot on. Another one not to miss is Fantastic Mr Fox, I would not recommend it if you are not keen on Wes Anderson films, but if you do like them then it is not to be missed.

Of course the most dramatic thing to occur in the last few weeks is the massive storm we had on Saturday afternoon. Wendy, Scott and I were sitting on the couch when we noticed the light had gone a weird greenish yellow and then all hell broke loose.

The hailstones were bigger than golf balls.

Big Hail

The road turned into a river.

Lots of Water

We had waterfalls in the back yard.

Waterfall Steps

Path Creek

All in all not too much damage, the PT Cruiser has a ding on the bonnet from hail and we seem to have developed a leak in the roof somewhere over the lounge but it could have been much worse.