Monday, January 16, 2012

New Toy Frenzy

I said ages ago I would show off my new toy.

My New Toy

I have wanted one of these babies for so long.  I have been making bags for the market which look like this.

Heart Bag

Heart Detail

I was going to put off the purchase until I could afford some digitising software because the designs that come with the machine are so awful.  Then I discovered Urban Threads  who have heaps of totally brilliant designs and they are happy for you to put them on things you are going to sell.

Brain Bag

Brain Detail

Lung Bag

Lung Detail

I made his one for myself, I changed the colours around to something a bit more vibrant.

Octopus Bag

I also made some plain bags to see how the would go at the market.

Green Retro Bag

Pink Retro Bag

I made Jenny's dog Bizzy a little jumper - she is a trembler.

Bizzy Bee

I also finished Scott's second red rug.

Red Rug 4

Red Rug 3

Red Rug 2


  1. The bags look great - I love my zombie kitty bag.
    (Also someone should attach little bee wings to Bizzy and she could model for the Trembler)

  2. Love the red rug. amazing what blocking does the pattern's gorgeous. Rain, rain and more rain here! sorting thru material to find the grey for you and hoping to have a sewing frenzy as I've run out of white mosaic tiles and am flooded in! Great to be home XXx