Monday, March 12, 2012

Gardening and a New Friend

When Mum and Greg visited in January they had a bit of a frenzy in the garden and weeded out the bed outside the kitchen (among other things).  Naturally Corto being the giant ginger pain that he is decided he would dig it up to make a lovely dust bath, which in turn drove Scott to make a beautiful herb garden.

Herb Garden 1

The netting is to keep out the possums, who while fluffy and adorable absolutely decimate any soft herbs we plant, they even eat the chili bushes down to the ground.

Herb Garden 2

We have tarragon, sage, mushroom plant (weird but yummy crispy leaves that taste like mushroom, the texture really throws you), and black ornamental and quite hot capsicum.

Herb Garden 3

Plus horseradish, parsley, thyme, jalapenos and black something or other chili, in the week or so since I took this picture they have all grown heaps more.  The wet coolish summer we have has has been brilliant for growing things.

Aside from the digging we have had more dog drama, everyone is fine but it did get a little expensive. GIR's lipoma on his front leg had grown very big, as had the skin tag on his elbow (called Pepe, don't even ask how it got it's own name) and the vet thought it was time to remove them.  There were way more stitches on the lipoma than I would have thought but GIR was very good and did not even need a bucket on his head.

Poor GIR

He is all better now and the scar is disappearing nicely.  Of course a couple of days after GIR had his surgery Corto had to get in on the act by putting his paw through the glass in the back door.  Luckily he only got a little cut, particularly as it turned out it was not safely glass and shattered everywhere.  Expensive to fix but at least he was ok.

Another Dog Drama

Just got a new member of the monster family from Loki Coki, such a great combination of crochet, felt and embroidery, I wish I has thought of it.

Loki Coki Monster

How adorable is she, now I just have to resist the temptation for another one.  Here she is in her new home, snuggled up with Cthulhu and Shoggy.

A new Friend

Been a bit disorganised on made things lately, I have a new rug but it needs to to be blocked and the weather has not been in my favour.  Did a colour variation on one of the Urban Threads designs for Mum, although it still needs to be sewn into a bag.

Tropical Feathers

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  1. love it!! Herb garden looks great too. hope Corto's healing well. xx